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Dr Morse: Action for protecting rights of children

Communiqué RUTH INSTITUTE du 15 juin 2016

Dear friends,
Welcome to our hundreds of new subscribers from Australia! We are so glad you have joined our worldwide movement for protecting the rights of children and healing from family breakdown. All of us certainly wish you the very best in your upcoming elections. We are praying for you. And you will find lots of helpful information in this weekly newsletter.
In fact, this week’s main article is an interview with The Catholic Weekly, the diocesan paper of the Archdiocese of Sydney. I offer plenty of encouragement. But still, I take no prisoners. I point out the mistakes we made here in the US. I want our friends Down Under to avoid those errors!
Biggest mistake of our marriage campaigns: focusing too narrowly on gay-related issues, and not enough on the sexual sins of the straight community.
Biggest mistake after the campaign: allowing our coalition to fall apart after the election.
Biggest “plus” of our campaigns: a broad-based, multi-ethnic, multi-racial, interfaith coalition in favor of man woman marriage. And, I am happy to say, that Australia is in the process of building exactly the same sort of coalition!
Keep learning about the issues and keep praying for marriage.
May God bless you and keep your family together.
Your friend,
Dr. Morse

Arguments about religious liberty failed to defend traditional marriage

By Marilyn Rodrigues for Catholicweekly.com.au.
Dr Jennifer Roback Morse believes surrogacy will become more prevalent if same-sex marriage is introduced along with a renewed push for legalisation of commercial surrogacy. Photo: Patrick J Lee Dr. Jennifer Roback Morse believes surrogacy will become more prevalent if same-sex marriage is introduced along with a renewed push for legalization of commercial surrogacy. Photo: Patrick J Lee
The inherent right of children to be raised by their biological mother and father should be the focus of efforts to promote and defend the traditional understanding of marriage, a leading US marriage and family advocate has urged Australians.
“Arguments about religious liberty and freedom of speech didn’t work in the US when we were debating this issue. They were a bit abstract, and sadly, the public’s respect for religion has been lost,” Dr Jennifer Roback Morse told The Catholic Weekly.
Dr. Morse is a widely read author on the importance of traditional marriage and family as well as the founder and president of the Ruth Institute which provides support for sufferers of post-divorce family breakdown, the hook-up culture and other outcomes of the sexual revolution such as anonymous donor conception.
“I think the way [that approach] came off is that people felt that we were just worried about ourselves and how we were going to be inconvenienced. It sounded like we were whining about ourselves – and that’s not very attractive.”
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Prayer Corner
Please pray:
* for my family and me to have peace, salvation, protection and return to the faith.
* for my son’s safety in his travels.
* that I may discern the call of the Holy Spirit as I enter into this next stage of my life, after being a classroom teacher since 1971.
* that my sons will seek spiritual healing and come back home to the church. That my son will be cured of alcoholism. That my upcoming surgery will be benign.
* for blessings for all the fathers and father figures who have been in our lives.
* for spiritual healing for all families.
* for all the previous intentions that have been listed in our Prayer Corner.
* for the Ruth Institute General Intention for the month of June:
That children of all ages who have lost contact with their fathers or who never had contact with their fathers, seek and find reconciliation and healing with them.

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